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The Nei Pori is a new village that was moved to the seaside location that is far from the altitude of 400 meters the 1973. There is an excellent street plan, with very wide streets. It is very safe for families because people here are friendly, and the sea is ideal for children because it is very shallow and sandy. The beach is 3km long and about 80m wide, with fine golden sand. Every year is awarded with the blue flag of Europe. All the area is a transportation crossroad. There is a train station and bus station too. Wherever you come, either from Athens to Thessaloniki, either from Thessaloniki to Athens, you can get off in Nei Pori and after consultation, we can pick you up.

During the summer months a tourist train connects Nei Pori with Platamonas, Castle of Platamon, and the New Panteleimon village.

Also there is a large nudist beach, at the end of the village 1 km away from our hotel. At this point there are plants protected by the Protection of Nature and the natural fish farm. If you plan to visit this beach you must have with you the necessary skills [water, etc.].


A. You can visit the old preserved village POURLIA that the houses of those that are saved and restored and what is built in the old architectural style of the region. The Pourlia (Old Pori) is at an altitude of 600m with many streams and springs, with dense vegetation and connected with asphalt with New Pori.

Β. You can light a candle in the church of St. George , which was built 100 years ago with the transfer of the village from Paliochori place

C. Another place you can visit, is Paliohori village 4km above the POURLIA, homeland of Christopher Perevos, friend of Rigas Fereos  and one of the members of friendly company fighting against Ottoman Empire. Now there are only ruins of houses and two very well preserved churches with beautiful wooden temples, made by carpenters from Rapsani place. The one church has the name  of the Life Giving Spring, and the other has the name of the holy twelve Apostles.

D. While enjoying the perennial forest you can come back at Pourlia place and visit the “tower” to enjoy the magnificent view to the sea, to orient and to see the natural formations of channels that gather all groundwater Olympus and natural farm and one of large wetlands of central Macedonia.

E. In Pourlia place you can eat at one of the local taverns and taste our local delicacies, grilled various stuffed goat, etc. For more information contact us.

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  • By car:

    Our hotel is 395 km driving distance from Athens, 100 km from Thessaloniki, 50 km from Larissa and 40 km from Katerini. You will reach via the national road Athens-Thessaloniki. When you come out of Athens, after passing the Tempi will cover 7 km and turn right towards the sea in the corresponding intersection. Coming from Thessaloniki, 18 km from Litochoro and after passing the castle of platamonas, you turn left and you will reach the coast with the wide golden sand.

  • By Train:

    In Nei Pori there is a railway station. So taking relevant information by Hellenic Railway Agency on schedules relating to our area, you can visit us by train.
    For information you can call:
    Athens Railway Agency phone: 210 3624402
    Thessaloniki Railway Agency phone: 2310 517517

  • By Bus:

    For information about buses you can call:
    Athens Bus Agency phone: 210 8317059
    Thessaloniki Bus Agency phone: 2310 595428

  • Sea transportation:

    There is also the port of Platamon where different routes run to and from some Islands in the Aegean.

  • By plane:

    Airport Makedonia at Thessaloniki, 100 Km from Nei Pori
    For information you can call: 2310 408411

Useful contacts

Prefectural Authority of Pieria 23510 69100
Department of Tourism 23510 69250
Hotel Association of Pieria 23510 37219
Travel Agents  Association of Pieria 23510 77332
Tourist Police of Katerini 23510 23440
Buses of Pieria - Katerini Bus Station 23510 29317, 23313
Buses of Pieria - Athens Bus Station 210 8317059
Buses of Pieria - Thessaloniki Bus Station 2310 595428
Fire Service 199, 23510 23333
Police Station of Katerini 23510 46623/4
Coast Police 23510 61209
Railway Station of Thessaloniki 2310 517517
General Hospital of Katerini 23510 57200
First Aid 166
Health Centrer in  Litohoro 23520 22222
Thessaloniki Airport 2310 408411
Radio Taxi of Pieria 23510 31222
National Tourism Organisation of Thessaloniki 2310 71888
Archaeological Museum of Dion 23510 53206
Olympus Festival Organization 23510 76041
Association of Greek Mountaineers of Katerini 23510 31311
Association of Greek Mountaineers of Litohoro 23520 84200
Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Katerini 23510 23102
Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Litohoro 23520 82444
Municipality of East Olympos 23520 31242

Shop opening hours

The shops operate all day & every day from Monday to Sunday.

Banking working hours

All banks operate from Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 14:00. There are also ATMS at various points.